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Garage Door Repair Guelph

Double Car Garage Door

We offer solutions to all those who seek a double car garage door in Guelph, Ontario, and rush to assist all those in need of repair services. In either case, you can count on our company’s professionalism, expertise, and affordable rates. If you still bouncing on whether to invest in single or double garage doors, let us be of assistance to you. If you already have two single garage doors and want them converted into a double one, don’t hesitate to call. From two to one conversions to new installations and repairs, we are here for all double-car garage door services.Double Car Garage Door Guelph

Need Guelph double car garage door service? Contact our company

Your Guelph double-car garage door won’t work? Relax. It takes one quick phone call to our company to have troubles addressed without any delay at all. We understand the inconvenience when there is an issue, but also the risks with heavy 2-car garage doors and so do our best to send out a tech quickly. You can count on us for same day troubleshooting and repair. The techs come prepared to fix any problem and carry the correct parts to replace springs, the cables, the tracks or rollers. Do you want the opener replaced or fixed? Don’t worry. With us, double garage door repair Guelph services are only a call away.

Want double garage door conversion to one? Put your trust in us

Do you want the 2 single garage doors converted into one double garage door? Putting your trust in our company is the best thing you can do if you want such difficult and complex projects done to perfection. We are masters in all conversions. If you like the high aesthetics of single garage doors, but prefer the functionality of double doors, there’s a solution. You can turn to us for 2 to 1 garage door conversion. Set your mind at ease by knowing that although the job is done very quickly, it is planned down to the last detail and performed with respect to the local building codes.

The two single garage doors conversion to one bigger one includes removing the pillar and installing new parts too. After all, two-car garage doors are larger and heavier and so they require robust parts. Whether you want a 16 x 7 or 16 x 8 two-car door, we’ve got you covered. Would you like a taller door to fit the RV? No problem. We offer custom solutions to meet your needs. You just call us and we will send a pro to measure. Not only will you get the best Guelph double-car garage door but tip-top installation too.

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