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Garage Door Repair Guelph

Garage Door Opener Installation

If you decide to replace the opener, come to us for garage door opener installation in Guelph. Our techs are not just experienced installers, but also stand by the client from day one. It’s rather difficult to choose the right residential opener. And that’s why we offer advice, information, and guidance to all clients in Guelph, Ontario. With so many models among large manufacturers, you wouldn’t know whether to get an advanced Liftmaster belt drive opener or a Craftsman chain drive system.Garage Door Opener Installation Guelph

Part of what we do at Garage Door Repair Guelph is to help you make a decision based on the particular requirements of your door. We also listen to your needs and try to find solutions, which are perfect for your house but on budget too. As opener experts, we also offer repair services should the existing opener is not working well.

We have the skills to install any home garage door opener

When it comes to new openers, you have plenty of choices. Is your door heavy? You can get a chain 1 horsepower motor whereas average residential doors would only require a chain, belt, or screw drive ½ motor. Such technical details are vital before overhead opener installation. The right opener choice ensures the door moves at the expected speed and the other parts are not burdened. With updated knowledge of every new product made by Chamberlain, Genie and other major players in the opener industry, our team can be of great help.

What’s vital is that we install garage door opener components with attention to every tiny detail. We don’t just hang the opener and connect the wires, but also check the performance of the door once the unit is installed. Our experts test the reverse and release mechanisms and make the necessary adjustments so that the door will open and shut at the right points. It shouldn’t stop before it goes all the way up nor keep on moving beyond the opening position. These are important adjustments taken care during the installation of new openers but also during garage door opener repair.

If you have any problem with the existing operator, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our company. Call us again when you need the best team for Guelph garage door opener installation too.

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