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Garage Door Torsion Spring

When your overhead door won’t go up but the opener makes noise, it is most likely the spring’s fault. It’s probably broken. Let us check and replace the broken garage door torsion spring in Guelph today. We provide quick services when it comes to springs. Even if they are not broken, they will cause great hazards and definitely inconveniences if they are not repaired quickly. Why? Springs open and close the door. They also keep it in its opening position without sliding down. And so we repair both torsion and extension springs for garage doors as soon as possible.Garage Door Torsion Spring Guelph

We provide torsion spring repair urgently

If springs are damaged, the door will slide down and possibly hurt someone – especially if there is a problem with the sensors too. In short, when springs are not in good condition or broken, they will make noise, won’t open or keep the door open, and the door won’t be balanced either. For all such reasons, we provide same day garage door torsion spring repair in Guelph, Ontario.

Want torsion spring adjustment or lubrication? Call our techs

There are differences between overhead and roll up torsion springs. And we fix both. We also repair Clopay torsion spring systems. What spring repair services mainly include is lubrication. Their coils must be oily enough to remain flexible. Sometimes, springs also need adjustment. This is when they are weak to open the door right. This happens because every time they open and close the door, they lose tension. With oil tempered springs, you don’t have to worry about such services often. But if you have galvanized ones, you will need garage door torsion spring adjustment rather often.

Contact us now to replace the broken torsion spring

In our Garage Door Repair in Guelph, we are not just trained to adjust and lubricate springs. Insured and qualified, our pros are the ideal techs for garage door torsion spring replacement too. In fact, our company provides same day and timely service should your spring is broken. We carry new springs in our trucks and replace yours in no time. Do you want to replace garage door extension springs? Do you need spring evaluation or free estimate? Are you in urgent need of spring service? Whatever your needs with the Guelph garage door torsion spring are, call our expert team.

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